“I only purchased a cup of tea (to go) here, but I had to write a review. I was wondering around, killing some time on a dreary Saturday morning and decided to stop in for some tea. The women working there were very nice and pleasant. When it came time for me to pay my tiny tab, however, they informed me that they do no accept debit cards for such small purchases.

Instead of refusing to give me the tea or making me run to the ATM (and pay more in fees than the beverage cost), one of the women handed it to me and simply requested I bring the $1.59 another day.

I was extremely grateful as well as surprised that she would allow this. I returned with my payment a couple hours later and she thanked me. Even though I did not try the food, I would recommend this establishment based on customer service alone. My tea, of course, was delicious, but it is the kindness of the employees and the local feel that will surely bring me back to The Griddle–for a full meal!–in the near future.”

– Jen M., Yelp

“A solid place for your basic breakfast for a more than fair price. I’d eat here again.”

– Kevin F., Yelp

“Whoa! this is one of the better breakfast places in Boca. It’s somewhat hidden in a shopping center. I actually lived directly behind The Griddle so i went there many many times.

Their food is really great and the service is very personal and quick. They have excellent coffee too. I always get the corned beef hash, which i think is amazing, their grits are awesome too but you can only get them in the earlier hours because they’re popular, eggs any style are good here too.

After a few visits the waitresses will probably call you by name. If you like breakfast, check this place out one morning..”

– Mike V., Yelp

“This is my weekend breakfast place – good food – it gets there fast – and it’s reasonably priced.

The menu isn’t huge but they sure know how to make hashbrowns – crispy and delicious…”

– Sarah V., Yelp

“Just ate lunch here for the first time. I love the fact that it reminded me of an old 60s-style southern eatery. Friendly waitstaff and delicious food. Prices are very reasonable”

– Florida G., Yelp

“Classic dinner. Hodge-podge of decorations on the walls and a lot of different tables, chairs, and booths. Each mug I noticed was different, kind of cute. The service was nice and quick and their menu is straight forward. One side was breakfast food, the other was lunch. Portions are normal sized here and prices are good. Cornedbeef hash with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and toast were approximately $8. I got the grilled cheese with french fries for a dollar extra. No regrets. The fries were seasoned and extra crispy, the grilled cheese had a blend of three cheeses. Classic dinner food, no huss or fuss.”

– Sarah G., Yelp

“Had a Restaurant dot com certificate and my husband and I gave it a try.

It’s a simple local diner style restaurant. We had breakfast and it was as expected. Friendly local waitstaff who seem to know everyone. Alot of repeat customers. Would definitely come back again!”

– Kathleen O., Yelp

“This is another one of my favorite places in Boca. It is like eating breakfast on a Sunday morning in my kitchen. Everything is homemade, and the whole place has a very family like appeal to it. The service is fantastic, everybody is always happy and ready to serve you as soon as you get there. The Griddle has been around since 1945, so the inside of the restaurant is filled with history and pictures of old buildings. I love it. Like I said, the food isn’t anything to go crazy over, but that’s exactly what I like about it. It’s like eating in my own house. Not to mention it probably costs me the same. Very cheap, very good food. Five stars!”

– Calleigh B., Yelp

“I’ve been going here for years, the waitresses even know me and my husband by name. We see a lot of other regulars there as well. The breakfast never disappoints. You can count on them for lunch and dinner too.”

– Bonnie O., Yelp

“This is my father in laws go to place for breakfast and as a regular I imagine he gets great service. The Wait staff is friendly and we always get served right away. The food is very good for a breakfast joint. Nothing fancy just good food, good coffee and a friendly atmosphere. Great Grits and eggs.”

– Richard R., Yelp

“This place is a gem. Diners are a dime a dozen and this is not your regular diner. The food is really good and portions are generous. Couple that with reasonable prices, and a really friendly staff and you can’t help but come back again and again.”

– Mark B., Yelp